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Dry Cleaning and Laundry

The Best Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services in Kyiv

Dry Cleaning

At Masterskaya Select, we pride ourselves on providing the best dry cleaning and laundry service in the metro area. Our award-winning dry cleaning service is built on three distinct principles that we believe makes our dry cleaning unique. Our first dry cleaning principle is old-world craftsmanship. Our dry cleaners and dry cleaning technicians are the most well-trained and experienced in the industry with decades of experience. We are certified dry cleaners, wet cleaners and environmental cleaners. Our dry cleaning technicians use this experience to remove spots with painstaking detail, hand-press your garments to the perfect finish, and perform our custom 10-point inspection process to make sure you dry cleaning meets the highest standard. Your clothing is even hung on wood hangers to maintain the uncompromising quality. It is this commitment to old-world craftsmanship that has resulted in Masterskaya Select being selected best dry cleaner in numerous reader's choice awards and also chosen as one of Ukrainian Best Cleaners.
While we take pride in our commitment to the traditional craft of dry cleaning, we take equal pride in our 2nd principle: innovation. Masterskaya Select dry cleaning service uses state-of-the-art technologies to ensure your garments are cared for at the highest level. We barcode every garment and scan it at every step of our cleaning process to ensure your clothing is never lost or misplaced. We clean your garments in the most modern, toxin-free solvents to provide you with the highest dry cleaning quality available. And we use an automated dry cleaning garment assembly and bagging system, which allows us to return your finished dry cleaning to you without every being touched once they have been cleaned and pressed.

Our third dry cleaning principle is sustainability. Did you know that most dry cleaning processes involve toxins that harm the environment and that you probably don't want remaining on your clothes? It's true, but not at Masterskaya Select. Masterskaya Select uses a dry cleaning method that cleans garments just as well as older and more toxic methods, but without putting those poisons into the environment. Using classic craftsmanship, Masterskaya Select cleans with naturally occurring solvents to ensure your clothes are clean and the environment is not harmed by the process.

Not only that, Masterskaya Select packages your dry cleaning in recyclable and reusable packaging so that nothing ends up in a landfill. Masterskaya Select offers award-winning processes and services to remove spots and when you get your clothing back, you'll know your clothes were not victims of fading, shrinking, pilling, or stain-setting that is all too common with methods of cleaning. Masterskaya Select is unmatched in dry cleaning throughout the region.

Masterskaya Select is proud to be one of the best dry cleaners in Kyiv, with three locations.


In addition to award-winning dry cleaning service, Masterskaya Select also offers top-notch laundry service. Very few people know this but the typical dress shirt is not dry cleaned, it is laundered. The reason for this is that most dress shirts are made from cotton, which responds best to cleaning in water. Fortunately, Masterskaya Select laundry serviceis equally as good as our dry cleaning service.
We start by performing a detailed pre-inspection of your shirt to identify any collar stains or wear and tear that may present difficulties in the future. We then pre-spot your shirt with a laundry collar treatment that removes hard collar stains and ring around the collar. Once that is complete we remove any collar stays from the shirt and launder the shirt in our state-of-the-art laundry machines. These machines use a Masterskaya Select designed formula specifically designed to remove difficult stains and restore the vibrance of your shirt.

Once the laundry cycle is complete, we hand press and finish your laundered shirt to a flawless finish. The shirt is then hung on our specially designed hanger, which gives the shirt a stiffer form and prevents the collapsing that you commonly see with wire hangers. We then perform one final inspection to ensure that all stains have been removed and the laundered shirt is up to our uncompromising standards. Assuming our laundry work has been effective, we then replace the shirt's collar stays (a practice rarely executed by typical dry cleaners) and insert a Masterskaya Select collar support to maintain the shirts look and form. The result is the most pristine laundered shirt in the industry.
Satisfaction Guarantee
If you're ever unhappy with the quality of our dry cleaning or pressing, we'll redo the item for free.
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